Hiring a Landscape Architect, Designer or Contractor

08 Dec

If you're planning on a landscape project, one of the most important decisions you'll make is whether to hire a landscape architect, designer or contractor. Their level of expertise and knowledge may be the same, but the areas of landscaping Miami they focus vary significantly.

Indeed, it can be difficult to differentiate the tasks of these three distinct landscape professionals. To avoid the confusion, a lot of design-build firms hire designers and architects on staff to facilitate the overall design, installation and maintenance; on the other hand, some designers and architects each work with their own contractors. You can also hire a lawn sprinklers Miami designer or architect to create a plan for you, and then have them recommend a Good contractor. If you work with landscape contractors, all design work is considered part of the deal.

So the question is, should you hire a landscape architect, designer or contractor? This will depend on various factors, specifically your budget, your project's size and timeline, and the job's complexity. But believe it or not, there's a fifth factor, which is generally considered the ultimate litmus test: personality fit.

You'll want the landscape pro to listen to your ideas and goals, and work around your schedule. They should take their time checking out your property and asking you important questions, like what overall ambiance you want or whether there are specific design elements you'd like to include (for instance, wicker outdoor furniture). Of course, if there's something you want that isn't possible or recommendable, they will express their thoughts to you based on their knowledge and experience.

Whether you're searching for a landscape pro or any other service provider, your best route is always a personal recommendation. So ask around - relatives, friends, coworkers or neighbors may have hired a good one just recently. You can also scan online directories built and maintained by several business associations. Ask them if they are licensed, certified and professionally affiliated, and if so, look for proof. Any proposal you consider must be presented to you in writing, and be sure to understand every single term and condition, as well as the fees.

Even if you intend to do this project on your own, you should still seek the guidance of experts. After all, there are good reasons they are known as such. And of course, considering the usually expensive cost involved, you'd like to make sure that everything is done right on the first try.

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